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I use high quality materials, in particular professional colored pencils with highly pigmented leads, resistant to light and water, and paper that is able to last over time.


Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor

Lyra Art Design

Lyra Rembrandt Sanguine dry/oil

Lyra Rembrandt Sepia light/dark dry/oil

Lyra Rembrandt White Pastel

Derwent Artists

Derwent Coloursoft

Stabilo Original

Winsor & Newton Studio Collection


Canson "C" à grain (224 g/sqm)

Canson 1557 (180 g/sqm)

Canson Imagine (200 g/sqm)

Canson Mi-Teintes (160 g/sqm)

Canson Colorline (150 g/sqm)

Favini 4 rough (220 g/sqm)

Favini 4 smooth (220 g/sqm)

Fabriano 4 rough (200 g/sqm)


Lyra pencil holder

Lyra bread eraser

Lyra and Staedtler erasers

Faber Castell, Lyra and Staedtler sharpeners

Lyra erasing knife

Lyra Splender

Lyra paper stump

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